National Intelligence and Security Discovery Research Grants (NISDRG) Round 3 – National Security Challenges

Science and technology plays a crucial and at times, dichotomous role in both strengthening and threatening a prosperous, secure and cohesive Australia. Australia’s national security agencies, including those within the Defence and Home Affairs portfolios, operate within increasingly complex and rapidly shifting environments driven by multiple threat and opportunity vectors, including science and technology. Outcomes from our collective strategic outlook and scenario forecasting for the future out to 2040, including the Defence Strategic Update (DSU), signal that we are entering an era of significant change, unprecedented in scale and pace – both geo-strategically and technologically. In order to enable rapid responses to these challenges, we need to ensure that our national security capabilities are supported by science and technology that enhances strategic advantage.

The National Security Science and Technology Centre coordinates whole-of-Government science and technology for national security in order to support Australia’s economic prosperity, national security and social cohesion.

Below are research topics focused on science and technology challenges for national security. The target time horizon is 2040. Proposals are invited that will significantly advance the sciences pertaining to these challenge topics. We are seeking research with game-changing potential.

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