Acknowledgement of Education

Use of the Australian Government Department of Education Logo

Permission to use the Australian Government Department of Education logo for promotional purposes must be granted by the Department of Education.

For any logo file requests and questions regarding the use of the department’s logo, please contact

Education logo files can be requested in the following file types – Microsoft Edge HTML document or JPEG, AI, EPS and PNG files.

Please provide sufficient details of the associated AEA-funded projects, and the materials where the logo will be used.

You must also refer to the Australian Government Branding Design Guidelines, before you use the Department’s  logo, regarding placement, colour use and minimum size requirements.

Acceptable forms for acknowledgement of AEA funding

In written or spoken contexts, or to accompany the use of the Department’s logo, a line acknowledging the contribution of the Australian Government is to be included. Where possible, acknowledgement should also include reference to the AEA program.

Text acknowledgements should be used as the primary of form of acknowledgement. Examples include:

  • ‘This project/event/product/ publication is supported by the Australian Government Department of Education through Australia’s Economic Accelerator Program.’
  • In cases where there is less room, this can be reduced to: ‘Supported by the Australian Government.’ 

Where appropriate, visual materials can include the logo of the Department of Education. 

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