Variation to a Grant Agreement

This page provides information about the variations that may be required and changes to partner and participating organisation reports. These reports may be required by ARC or another Funding Entity.

Changes in circumstances over the duration of a grant may necessitate a Variation of the Grant Agreement (Variation) or a Partner/Participating Organisation Agreed Contribution Report (POACR).

Variations and POACRs must be requested through the Research Office of the Administering Organisation. Requests must be submitted via the relevant version/instance of RMS by Research Office staff.

Who the Variation is submitted to may be different for each Program, Scheme, Priority or Challenge and Funding Entity.   

Click here for instructions about how to complete and submit a Variation and/or POACR

For all new participants requesting to be added to a Grant, please complete the participant eligibility confirmation form and attach to the variation.

Click here to access the Participant Eligibility Confirmation Form for NISDRG

RGS has developed a general list of non-allowable items to assist Research Offices. Please note that the document is a general indicator of the non-allowable items known and some items will not be relevant for some select funding rounds.

Please always refer to the specific Grant Guidelines and/or Agreements, for confirmation on the full range of items allowed/not allowed. 

Click here for a list of General Non-Allowable Items

Please note that the RGS Team is happy to assist with any questions for Variations, however RGS does not answer hypothetical questions in relation to Variation requests. Please provide accurate and relevant information when seeking assistance.


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