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The RGS Advantage – Our Value Proposition for Policy Partners

RGS aims to add value. We know that grants administration can be difficult to get right, and we want you to feel confident in your grants administration. Here are some of the key ways we can add value.

Through RGS we aim to leverage the experience of the ARC to:

  • ensure the best research and best researchers are funded
  • achieve efficiencies and deliver a simpler approach to the administration of research grants across the Australian Government
  • increase consistency for grant applicants and grantees
  • increase the quality and accessibility of publicly available research grants data to policy makers and the public
  • help you engage and connect with the research sector.

RGS aims to give you confidence in your grants administration by offering:

  • Flexibility – RGS can tailor our standard processes to meet your needs. We aim to have a proportionate response support your policy outcomes and address the risks associated with your program. We can manage a grant program for you in its entirety or manage the administration so you can focus on policy and the decision making.
  • Accountability – We ensure that roles and responsibilities are clear and that decisions are made by the right people. In addition our Research Management System (RMS) has been recognised as a records management system that captures key actions and decisions as well as essential information about the grant applications, grant assessment, and the progress of funded grants.
  • Assurance – RGS can control risks relating to organisations, projects and people with functionality that manages Conflict of Interest and eligibility matters. RMS has been recognised by the Australian National Audit Office as an example of a fit for purpose grants administration system that delivers enhanced efficiency and assurance.
  • Accessibility – Our RMS can be accessed by applicants, assessors, grantees and grants managers from anywhere in the world which means you can have the right people do the work you need no matter where they are. RMS is also rated to meet WCAG 2.0.  
  • Online – RMS is an online system through which grants administration processes can be undertaken from application submission and assessment and selection meetings consideration,  right through to grant offer, reporting and management. No printing or scanning, no other ICT applications needed. All reference documentation is made available on GrantConnect or the RGS own website, and we use GovTeams for information sharing that is not public facing.
  • Secure – RMS meets the Commonwealths Protective Security Manual, with Multi-factoral Authentication you can be confident that information is safe. Access, edit and view controls can be applied to ensure that the right people have the right access.
  • Data and Reporting – In using our RMS you will have access to all of your program data via a json api for your own analysis. In addition to this RGS provides standard reports for mandatory Government reporting, financial management and grant payments. We aim to ensure you have the data you need to support strong policy development and we will support you to know exactly where your grants are up to.  
  • Align with Whole of Government requirements – benefit from the use of reputable services with a proven track record, and standardised systems and processes that comply with the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines.

Harness our Capability

Through RGS, we harness the ARC’s deep expertise, proven platform, processes, and strong research administration and assessment community to administer and advise on grants that will deliver the highest quality funding outcomes and support efficient, effective, ethical grants administration.

ARC can provide you with program support as an RGS P4 Partner, an RGS Platform Partner or by managing a new program as an ARC Special Research Initiatives. 

P4 Partners

By engaging RGS as a P4 Partner you can leverage off our 4 key strengths – Purpose, People, Process, and Platform.

Find out more about our 4 key strengths using the buttons below. 

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Platform Partner

By engaging with RGS to use ARC's Research Management System (RMS), we provide you with access to ARC's Research Management System (RMS) to support your end-to-end or post-award grants administration activities. 

Special Research Initiatives

ARC can also manage the complete program for you as a Special Research Initiative (SRI) under the National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP). 

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Our Policy Partners

The ARC currently has three Policy Partners that are supported by RGS.


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