Grant Assessing ONI

The Office of National Intelligence's (ONI) role is to ensure Australia has an agile, integrated intelligence enterprise that will meet the challenges of Australia’s evolving security environment.

ONI was formed in late 2018 and represents a key component – and milestone – in the formation of Australia’s new National Intelligence Community (NIC). ONI is responsible for the enterprise level management of the NIC and ensures a single point of accountability to the Prime Minister and National Security Committee of Cabinet. 

The Office of National Intelligence, on behalf of the National Intelligence Community, established the NISDRG program in response to the 2017 Independent Intelligence Review’s Science, Technology and Innovation recommendations.

The Office of National Intelligence currently funds 11 projects through the NISDRG Program.

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NI23 – NISDRG R3 Intelligence Challenges (funding commencing in 2023) - now closed
NI22 – NISDRG R2 Intelligence Challenges (funding commencing in 2022) - now closed
NI21 – NISDRG R1 Intelligence Challenges (funding commencing in 2021) - now closed


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