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Grant Assessments for NISDRG

The National Intelligence and Security Discovery Research Grants (NISDRG) program supports excellent research that deepens understanding of emerging science and technology and addresses intelligence and national security interests. The grants program will facilitate innovation and develop national security and intelligence capacity. It will also enable Australia’s National Intelligence and Security Communities to systematically engage with Australia’s research and technology community.

The NISDRG program provides support to research that aligns with the priority research areas identified by the Australian Government. This program offers 2 different schemes to address the Intelligence Challenges and the National Security Challenges.

Select the round below to find relevant round specific information for assessors

NI23 – NISDRG R3 Intelligence Challenges (funding commencing in 2023)

NS23 – NISDRG R3 National Security Challenges (funding commencing in 2023)

NI22 – NISDRG R2 Intelligence Challenges (funding commencing in 2022) – now closed 

NS22 – NISDRG R2 National Security Challenges (funding commencing in 2022) – now closed 

NI21 – NISDRG R1 Intelligence Challenges (funding commencing in 2021) – now closed  

NS21 – NISDRG R1 National Security Challenges (funding commencing in 2021) – now closed 


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